About Us


MeiJia Electronics (S) Pte Limited


Mei-Jia Electronics is a value added solution provider for all your unique and complex interconnect needs. Our manufacturing facilities are well  located in China, Malaysia and Singapore to ensure fast turnaround for all our customers and partners.

Established in 2004, we have evolved with time from being a manufacturer to a solution providers by actively listening to our clients problems and pain points, establishing a reliable partnership as a long term partner. 

We constantly strive to improve our value and service level to  :


–  Offer Innovative & Independent Interconnect solutions to suit customer needs.

–  Be flexible in operation and fast turnaround time.

–  Enjoy excellent relationship with major interconnect makers.

–  Provide proven and experienced processes to meet customers expectations in delivery and logistics.

–  Have early involvement in customer’s design & prototype to help reduce costly re-designs.

–  Provide full turnkey service where required

–  Provide In-house procurement & sourcing support complements  customer’s sourcing effort.


Production Facilitiues :
China                  5,574  SQ Metre
Malaysia           1,500  SQ Metre
Singapore             300  SQ Metre
Workforce      350
Certification :
UL/CUL Listed & Recognized
ISO 9001:2008, 
ISO 14001:2004 &